Home groups are the life blood of our church and one of the main focuses. They are made up of 12-15 people and 2 facilitators to lead the conversation. It is not a one way discussion, but a place to open up, ask questions and be encouraged.  Just as Jesus ministered to the masses, but pulled aside and poured into the twelve disciples, so North Point Church encourages all to find a home group where they feel comfortable to get the most of out of that more intimate time of fellowship. We encourage people to try different home groups to find the right fit and emphasize that no one will get mad at you or hold grudges toward you if their home group isn’t where you land. We are united in the fact that we want you to follow God in your choices, not attempt to please man. We want you plugged in where the Lord guides – no matter where that ends up being! Here is our Home Group List.

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