Sermon Notes – Jan 15, 2017

By: Curt and Teyanna

Who worships?
Definition of worship: Honor with extravagant love and extreme submission
Clemson won and we were so excited stayed up till 2am in celebration
What is my heart reaction to the Lord? Similar to this win or no?
Matt 15:8-9
There are those who view worship and church as a ritual – a checkbox to please their conscience Matt 15:8-9 describes the heart of these people
In Amos, God said I won’t listen to your worship – I want a endless river of righteous living – not lip service
What are you doing in the privacy of your own home? Is your heart bent toward the Lord at all times?
Worship on Sunday is a reflection of your worship on Mon-Fri
Must be unified as true worshippers to experienced Acts 2 outpouring
2 Chron 16:9 true worship is when your heart is loyal to the Lord

Where do you worship?
1 cor 6:19-20 Anytime anywhere
You sing your favorite song to top of your lungs in your car or shower- why? – you are wired to worship with all that’s within you- shift that adoration toward the Lord
Old Testament – worship took place in the physical temple but Corinthians states that YOU are the temple now : therefore worship now takes place inside YOU at all times

Worshipping God in the hard times – lifts us up
And strengthens us for trials of this life
2 chronicles 20:10-22 worshippers lead the charge into war – army didn’t even need to fight – God defeated their enemies
God INHABITS praise of his people
Come to God like little child that gets excited and calms down when you turn on music no matter how they felt two minutes ago!

Praising in the midst of hard circumstances shows forth the glory of God like Paul and Silas in prison – causes hearts to surrender to the Lord

Why worship?
Psalm 40:3 prepare your heart for the word – breaking up that fallow ground- softens our heart to receive the seeds from the word that can change our life for good

Who do we worship?

Outstretched arms of victory when touchdown of your favorite team, let’s breakthrough to outstretched arms of victory for the army of Lord

Outstretched arms when held up at gun point in SURRENDER – can you surrender to God with those same outstretched hands?

Ex 17:10-13
Moses held up hands and won the battle – dropped them and lost. Friends came and held up Moses hands and Joshua therefore overwhelmed the army
Support one another in hard times
If our heart is in right posture the church will win!

1 Tim 2:8 this verse isn’t speaking of mankind, but of men only!
You are leading the charge! If you go through the motions, your kids will follow suit and do the same

If you draw near to God, he will draw near to you!
When your little baby comes to you and holds up his hands and says “want you, want you”, can you just ignore that? You scoop them up and love on them! GOD SEES YOU WITH A HEART OF LOVE AND DESIRES TO SCOOP YOU UP AND LOVE ON YOU! Raise your hands to him and say “want you” and see him show up like you never have before!


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