I remember throughout my twenties thinking about infertile couples and being so thankful I wouldn’t have to worry about that. I was convinced since getting pregnant so easily the first time that when I was ready to have another baby it would come down to the simple decision to stop birth control. Isn’t it ironic how most of the things in life you say or think would’ve never come to pass usually do?
After being Married to my husband for one year we decided to stop birth control. He was over 30 and had never had children was eager to get this party started. However it wasn’t as easy as I supposed. After one year of trying with an innumerable amount of negative pregnancy tests – we were getting discouraged. We slowly started infertility consultations and never stopped diligently praying. The doctors told us it was impossible for us to have children on our own and the only procedure that “might” work was the most expensive and physically demanding: (IVF) In-Vitro Fertilization. I kept buying maternity clothes that no one could tell. I kept thanking the Lord for being pregnant – despite the mounting evidence against us. We knew GOD wants righteous seed on the earth, for the first commandment given to Adam & Eve is to be fruitful and multiply. We knew that nothing is impossible with GOD. However, the Lord, in all HIS gracious mercy, wanted to reassure us of His heart on the matter of Matthew and I bearing children. Five distinct times throughout 3 yrs, the LORD brought confirmation that we would have our “Isaac”:

– Within the first couple of months of us being married, we received prayer from a visiting pastor and the first and only thing he could pray for, not knowing us at all, was that we would get pregnant and have a baby. Even though that wasn’t on our minds yet, it was on my GODS’ mind!

– In the middle of the night, God woke me up and put the 21st chapter of Genesis in my heart. It was rolling around over and over again like I needed to go read it. I had no idea what Genesis 21 contained but I sat up, went to the living room and opened my bible. Needless to say, I had a little praise party and like Mary, kept all these things in my heart.

Genesis 21:1-7: And the Lord visited Sarah as He had said, and the Lord did for Sarah as He had spoken. For Sarah conceived and bore Abraham a son in his old age at the set time of which God had spoken to him. And Abraham called the name of his son whom Sarah bore to him Isaac. Then Abraham circumcised his son when he was eight days old as God had commanded him. Now Abraham was 100 years old when his son Isaac was born to him. And Sarah said, “God has made me laugh and all who hear will laugh with me.” She also said, “Who would have said to Abraham who would nurse children? For I have born him a son in his old age.”

– We decided to visit a church about an hour from our house. At the end, the pastor’s wife, as a ‘thank you’ to all the visitors would come by and pray one on one. Again, this pastor’s wife knew nothing about us and when she began to pray, one of the first things she said was “God is bringing you your Isaac.”

– The week of my 34th birthday, I was standing in an airport waiting to board a plane for a work trip. Matthew and I were four months into the IVF infertility process. I grabbed my phone and Googled the Biblical meaning of the number ’34’. I personally am a believer that God speaks through many things, numbers being one of them. If numbers weren’t important, why did God write a book named ‘Numbers’ in the Bible? I will let you read the results of my search for yourself:

“In God’s word the number 34 is related to naming a son, as the 34th time Abraham’s name is mentioned is when he named his son Isaac (Genesis 21:3)”

Coincidental? I don’t think so!

– I was shopping at Goodwill in a city right outside my South Carolina home and tried on a coat that contained pockets. I reached into the pocket and pulled out a small card, that looks like it would go with a baby shower gift. Inside I read an incredible and almost unbelievable message:

“Congratulations to you and Matt. May God bless your baby and fill your home with much joy.”

Another coincidence? Don’t think so!

On May the 8th of that same year, it was Mother’s day weekend and I was at the doctor’s office having two embryos implanted in my uterus (number 8 means new beginnings). The doctors have now reached their limit of ability, now it was the Lord Almighty’s turn and He is His divine wisdom and power chose for my son to attach to my uterine wall and begin life on the very weekend that we celebrate mothers! I believe God was celebrating Mother’s day for me in heaven knowing the end from the beginning.

Two weeks after the embryo transfer, I was scheduled to take a pregnancy test. The day was May 21st the same chapter of Genesis God lead me to read years earlier! The pregnancy test was positive and an ultrasound a couple of weeks later confirmed only one of the embyros implanted.
So, as God had said – it was now the year of naming a son!

My heart feels like Sarah, “God has made me laugh and all who hear will laugh with me”

The name Isaac means laughter and joy.

Please join with me today in a celebration of life with joy and deep seated laughter at the goodness of the Lord! AMEN!!