Come Support our North Point Basketball Team!

James Snipes is coaching and heading up our basketball team this year! This is our second season participating in the Cherokee Creek Basketball League. Last year we won the “Most Christ-like” trophy as we included our special needs church members as part of our team. It was not only unifying, but a beautiful thing to watch. It had audience members in tears at the games watching competitive men set aside time to make those less fortunate feel good about themselves. This league has operated for many years, but the first year North Point joined, we brought the heart of God to the floor like never before. We hope to continue to encourage our brother and sisters in Christ across the county through this avenue again this year!

Come join us!

Email with any questions.


Player                                      Basketball Number

1. James Snipes- Coach-                25

2. Jon Munsterman                         23
3. Tracy Blanton                              7
4. Curt Dillingham                           81
5. Lee Camp                                   21
6. Nicholai Persad                           2
7. Richard                                       53
8. Marck Chandler                          73
9. John Loftis                                  12
10. Jake Bailey                               98
11. Matthew Martin                          8
12. Cody White                               19
13. Dalton Haopper                        18
14. Seth Cole                                 30
15. Parker Grizzle                           3
16. Donnie                                      1
17. Ted Wilson                               42
18. Derek Roller                            13
19. Brian Weeks                            32

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